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Biblical Hebrew Home Study Edition

the newest tool for learning and practicing Biblical Hebrew

    Study tools include...
  • Comprehensive grammar teachings of every rule of Biblical Hebrew
  • Audio CD narrating the entire Hebrew text
  • Eye opening color tables and charts
  • New methodology that goes from Bible text to rules and not the old fashioned, painful system that focuses on dry abstract rules!

    ALSO INCLUDED another book FREE...
  • Includes FREE, a full color complete, updated and extended edition of Living Israeli Hebrew book (14 additional essential pages that go far beyond the older B&W edition). Now also includes the most important Hebrew prayers.
  • THE 100 MOST FREQUENT WORDS IN THE BIBLE, translated and transliterate (with phonetic text - Hebrew words spelled with English characters).
  • Two full length audio CD closely following the Hebrew texts of both books.
  • Hebrew / English two-sided flash cards for both the alphabet and the Hebrew sound system.

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7 Verbs

Formative Letters

Table of Content

Interview of Dani Ben-Gigi about his book

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Part 2

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