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Introducing...The Ancient Transliterated Bible


  • Contains the Hebrew Word Pictures of Dr. Frank Seekins and a Beautiful Dead Sea Scrolls font
  • Connect the Ancient Hebrew Word Pictures to your studies using this wonderful tool, explore the Bible through the Ancient letters!
  • Concise Transliteration, broken down syllable by syllable for easy reading
  • No previous knowledge of Hebrew is needed!
  • Over 5,500 pages, containing the entire Tanach (The Old Testament, Prophets, Psalms and more)‡
  • 3 Different Bibles so that you can read and search throughout the Bible, copy text from the bible into your documents, and even print pages from the Bible
  • Compatible with Both Windows and MAC
  • Updated with accent marks denoting which syllable in each word should be stressed, makes for perfect reading like a natural Hebrew speaker!

: Important: Whereas the Bible itself is not copyrighted, this work includes transliteration of the Bible. The development of this work involved thousands of hours of labor and it is protected by US Copyright law. For duplicating or copying any Bible text, two additional free Hebrew/ English Bible units are provided - Bible 2 and Bible 3. Feel free to use them with no limitations.
: This item is a CD-ROM with the Bible written in advanced PDF format, and IT IS NOT a physical book. The PDF files, do however allow you to print any page you wish from the Bible for your personal use.

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