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Now you can understand the Scriptures that Jesus and the Apostles read!

Centuries before Jesus walked the earth, Ezra the Scribe and the 120 elders of the Great Assembly divided the Torah into 54 portions so that in the course of a year (beginning and ending on the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah) the entire scroll would be recited during services. This practice is still observed in synagogues around the world today.

Jesus said that these Scriptures plainly testify of Him
John 5:39
And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself
Luke 24:27

Now you can better understand how the Jewish Scriptures bear witness that Jesus is the promised Messiah of Israel by studying the weekly Torah portion for yourself!

Partake of this beautiful and ancient tradition by reading the weekly Torah portion for yourself!

This life-transforming study, written by John J. Parsons, philosopher, poet and teacher, provides you with a complete guide to the weekly Torah readings. Each chapter, covering a single Torah portion, features a wealth resources, including selections of Torah text (with English transliterations) as well as portions from the Prophets and New Testament. Throughout, careful attention is taken to demonstrate how Yeshua (Jesus) is powerfully revealed in the Jewish Scriptures.

With a Year Through the Torah, now Christians and Messianic Jews can restore Torah study as the exegetical foundation for their New Testament studies.
Mark Levitt
Zola Levitt Ministries

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