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The Music from God Project is interested in producing more new music from the Hebrew text of the Bible. We need more musicians to participate in this Endeavour, so we designed this heavily discounted tool kit especially for our artist friends and musicians. Many expressed interest and excitement for working with the music encrypted in the divine text of the Bible. Here is a chance to seas the opportunity to get the tools you need at the lowest cost ever.

This tool kit includes all three Music from God CD's (two are translated from the Hebrew text of the Psalms and one from the book of Isaiah) plus the professional Bible Music Writer computer (PC only) software. This software allows anyone to translate Hebrew letters to musical notes, play it and print the score. This will give you a powerful tool to create Music from the Hebrew text of the Bible even if you don't know Hebrew.

If you entertained the idea of creating music from the Hebrew text of the Bible, this tool kit will give you the capability to do so and much more. Personal guidance and support will be afforded to any person that will take part in this effort.

You save over $ 50.00 compared to purchasing these items separately.

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