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  • Bilingual Bible text in parallel columns
  • User specified menu language, English or Hebrew
  • On screen Hebrew keyboard
  • Bilingual commentaries of the Torah
  • The 613 Commandments of the Torah
  • Summary of each book of the Bible
  • Go to book/chapter/verse
  • Go to Torah portion of the week
  • Complete concordance of Biblical festivals
  • Biblical chronology
  • User expandable bilingual dictionary
  • Biblical lexicon
  • List of Biblical names with translation
  • Automatic code search and report including statistics of the findings
  • Search within search of retrieved matrix
  • Virtual multi-dimensional matrix split
  • On screen tutorial
  • Seven methods of Gematria plus a User Specified Value method

Gematria dictionary and calculator

  • Letter substitution
  • Bilingual anagram feature

And much more!.

System Requirements: PC with Windows, 16MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive, 100 MB free hard drive space

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