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  • TefillahTrainer software includes both traditional and alternate texts to accommodate the customs of most synagogues.
  • Students can learn by following the Hebrew words (with phrase-by-phrase literal English translation) or can follow the sheet music of the prayer with transliteration
  • The advanced student who wants to learn to lead services -- to be a Ba'al Tefillah -- can select "Hear Reader's parts" and will be shown the entire prayer with only the leader's parts chanted.
  • An innovative system of symbols (Simanei Nusachô symbols) have been developed to indicate musical motifs for prayer texts which are chanted aloud.
  • We offer an optional add-on allowing the user to download chanted text to their iPodô or other MP3 players using iTunesô.
  • With all these features, TefillahTrainer is the software for training B?nai Mitzvah students, first-time weekday and Shabbat attendees and Shiva daveners; and for those who are familiar with prayers as congregants and who would like to learn to lead a service.

System requirements: Windows XP or Vista, 500MB RAM or more (Vista may require more RAM, depending on Vista version), 1024x768 or greater video display, sound card and speakers, or a Macintosh (Intel or PowerPC) running OS X 10.3 or greater.

iTunes export add-on feature requires installation of iTunes, available separately from

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