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With *Bible Art, you can:

  • Easily create art from any selection of Hebrew text found in the first 39 books of the Bible.
  • Use your beautiful creations to create art, or to provide a service: Bar & Bat Mitzvah portions as visual presentations, people's names or gifts for special occasions.
  • Convert Hebrew text to colorful pixels (dots), glyphs, Hebrew characters, or combine all three to create some stunning variations of art.
  • Create accurate representations of text by using the ancient traditional colors assigned to the Hebrew Alef-Bet.
  • Export your creations from *Bible Art to your favorite photo editing software for further art possibilities, such as birthday, mother's day, or holiday cards.
  • Use the features of this program as a tool for your Biblical research.
  • Find patterns, repetitions and fascinating shapes embedded in the text.
  • Look at the powerful images of double helix patterns in the story of creation in Genesis, look at the very waves of the sea of reeds during the exodus, or gaze in amazement at text of Elisha the prophet going to heaven in a storm of flames.

This is one of the first attempts ever to utilize powerful visual scanning in Biblical research. You can be a valued contributor to this new form of Biblical study.

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