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One of the most practical teachings for our time

complete seminar with Uri Harel, Director of the Center for Biblical Hebrew

The Biblical Guide for the next elections

The original "Secrets of the Hebrew Bible" audio CD introduced many thousands of people from all around the world to the meaningful, life changing secrets, ideas and principles that are hidden deep within the Hebrew text of the Bible. Now, the Center for Biblical Hebrew and Uri Harel are introducing you to a new audio CD in this series titled Secrets of the Hebrew Bible 2. This new CD unveils an amazing treasure trove of information, revealing powerful guiding principles that impact our lives today and were as valid in the very beginning verses of Genesis.

Words that you may have read many times before will gain new meaning and incredible depth that will help you become closer to the true meaning of the Word. By making the connection between the vision of our American founding fathers and Torah principles you will be better equipped to apply those directives and make the right choices in your own life.

This audio CD is a must for anyone who wants to cast a meaningful vote in the personal and political arenas. It is vital that you'll be equipped with this information in any election season that may come upon us so your vote may count as one that will bring us closer to our Biblically mandated destination.

An easy to use practical FREE chart is included with this audio CD. By utilizing a simple, clear score system, you will be able to accurately select candidates that are more likely to act and govern according to Biblical principles. A special FREE diagram included with this CD demonstrates the harm that non Biblical political systems do to society and how the Biblical system can elevate individuals and society to new heights. We believe that this essential information must reach as many people as possible. This is why we are giving substantial discounts for quantity purchases. You can sponsor some extra CD's to be given to your friends and family, so they too will be educated and make their voices heard when it counts most. Please consider giving this fascinating, information-packed CD as a gift to the people you love and appreciate.


  • un understand the purpose, reason and destiny of mankind.
  • discover, for the first time, the full road map for realizing humanity's mission in the service of our creator.
  • get the full story on the political system that will bring fulfillment and success to mankind.
  • uncover the reason why the world has experienced many failing political systems in the past 4000 years and what you can personally do to "fix" the problem.
  • learn to instantly identify your "Biblical candidate" for political office and leadership.
  • recognize the difference between the biblically-right and biblically-wrong political system
  • get the final word on the biblically recommended successful and prosperous social order.
  • determine the principles governing the intricate relationships between you and your fellow man.
  • expand your understanding of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" and how to apply these principles to your own life.
  • utilize the secret biblical formula for integrating political, social and personal life to achieve harmony, success and prosperity.

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