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Hebrew is the path to a more intimate knowledge of the Bible's secrets and to a closer relationship with the divine word and intention. It is much more than simply another language. It is an ancient and fascinating system of concepts and ideas with rich history of meaning that goes "beyond translation."

Introduce yourself to this side of "Hebrew" and unlock the deeper meaning of the Scriptures that for so many remain "hidden in the Hebrew".

Here are some of the topics included on this recording:

  • The purpose of creation and the purpose of creating mankind.
  • The hand that wrote the Bible: the history and background of the divine signature in the Hebrew text.
  • How much of the original meaning of the Bible is lost in translations? Or, "What did G-d really say?"
  • Why was the Hebrew language chosen to deliver the document of the Bible to mankind?
  • The power of Hebrew: what Hebrew is and why there is no other language like it.
  • How did other languages develop versus the fascinating origin of Hebrew, or, where does Hebrew come from?
  • Myth and reality in the story of the Tower of Babel.
  • Encryptions, codes and 70 mysterious layers in the original Hebrew text--all lost in the translation!
  • The chosen people and their uniquely designated task.

This professional studio recording on 2 CDs is based on over 10 years of developing lectures and seminars on the topic of "Secrets of the Hebrew Bible." These 2 CDs are jam-packed with rarely discussed information and were designed to capture the main points of the live full day seminar.

Anyone who has taken this seminar or studied this material in the past, would find in this recording a treasure of information. The CDs are also potent guides for helping you to retain the knowledge presented and to continue researching this fascinating material.

For those who were unable to participate in a live seminar in the past, this recording would be a golden opportunity to learn about the secrets of Hebrew and the Bible. It will allow listeners to leap forward in the pursuit of more knowledge and information about a topic that is of supreme importance to them.

This clear, professionally recorded course will help you grasp a vast world of knowledge rooted in the very text that you have been familiar with for such a long time. Discovering the method and depth of the language will revitalize your effort to study and understand the Scriptures. No previous knowledge of Hebrew is necessary. This seminar was designed especially for those who always wanted to understand where the original text of the Bible came from, and how it was put together but never had the opportunity to do so.

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