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Translating the original Hebrew text of the Bible to musical notes produces Heavenly music

Until now, this process required knowledge of the Hebrew language as well as an understanding of music principles. To make this process easy for anyone to use and to help many more people to take part in this exciting endeavor, the Bible Music Writer Program was created.

With Bible Music Writer you can unleash the secret music that has been hidden for centuries in the ancient Hebrew text of the Bible! Here are just some of the features that Bible Music Writer has to offer:

  • Quickly and easily convert any selection of the Hebrew text of the Bible to musical tones in quarter notes.
  • Easily print out projects to sheet music.
  • Export projects to MIDI files for further editing and development with any MIDI editor.
  • Hear any selection of text as quarter notes. (FREE updates now in progress will allow more flexibility).
  • Play and record your own notes from the built in Hebrew keyboard.
  • Download *FREE UPDATES from within the software using your own unique update code.

With this program anyone can take any verse or chapter from the Hebrew text of the Bible and convert it to musical notes by a push of a button. No need to be a Hebrew scholar or a musician. You can then print the notes or export them to a music program of your choice for orchestration and further development.

Bible Music Writer currently prints basic sheet music as quarter notes. For creating more advanced sheet music, there are many software titles that will work in combination with Bible Music Writer. One such software title is called "MuseScore" and can be found at musescore.org. This downloadable version is free.

Follow these steps to load the notes from Bible Music Writer into this software:

  • Step 1: Once you have notes on the staff in the Bible Music Writer program, click File then Export->As MIDI... to save the notes into a MIDI file. Remember where you saved this file and the file name.
  • Step 2: Run the MuseScore software and click File then Open. Navigate to the location where you saved the MIDI file and open it. There will be a confirmation dialog window with some basic settings. Leave the settings as they are and click OK. The notes are now loaded and ready for editing or printing. This program will bring you countless hours of fun and satisfaction and will enable you to be a part of the team that is tirelessly working to make true the dream of translating the entire Hebrew text of the Bible to Music. Our hope is that with this tool, many more people will be able to contribute to the project. If you think that music you have created from the Hebrew text of the Bible using Bible Music Writer is suitable to be published under the Music from God label, we will work with you to incorporate your music in future releases of healing music CD's under our name and distribute them internationally through our established channels.

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