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It all started in 1995 with the idea that the Hebrew text of the Bible contains encrypted music. This notion is based on ancient Hebrew tradition that describes the possibility of translating the Hebrew text of the Bible to musical notes. The Music From God Project takes this tradition out of the realm of possibility and into reality by playing and performing these notes directly from the Hebrew text as beautiful meditative healing music. Since then, through the consistent effort of many good people and some very talented musicians, the majestic sounds of Music from God have been growing in scope and renown.

The NEW CD is the first in the 'Isaiah Project' series and is the marvelous result of classical guitarist Susan Grisanti's talented interpretation of the notes derived from selected portions of the Hebrew text of Isaiah. The First Isaiah Project CD is a series of pieces brilliantly arranged and played by Susan Grisanti that beautifully and meditatively express the theme of G-d's transcendent glory. The result is healing music for the mind, spirit, and body. Many testimonies of healing & deliverance have already occurred when this music is played. To see a video clip of Susan Grisanti playing excerpts from the First Isaiah Project CD

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