Q. What kind of music is it?

A. The term "Music" is used only for lack of a better term. MFG is a stream of frequencies (notes) in a specific sequence (order) that is translated directly from the Hebrew text of the Bible, letter by letter, into musical notes. The translation of the Hebrew letters to notes is accomplished by applying a special method that works consistently on the entire text of the Bible.

Q. How are the tempo, timing, and length of each note determined?

A. The same method that was used for finding the musical notes was also used for determining the other elements of the music. The role of musicians in this project is to turn the individual notes into "full-fledged music" by adding chords, arrangements and musical instruments to each translation of a particular Biblical chapter. The frequency and sequence of the notes / letters, are the two constants that duplicate the original Hebrew text of the Bible. The choice of instruments and musical style is the musician's contribution. To determine timing tempo and length of notes, long and short vowels, word length and sentence breaks are taken into consideration.

Q. By what method do you determine the meter (or the length of each note)?

A. A melody can be changed drastically, even with the same notes, if the duration and speed of the notes are altered. The elements we considered in creating the melody are: The frequency (note / letter) The sequence of letters / notes in the text Hebrew syllables, words and verses Hebrew long and short vowels Taking all of these into consideration we were able to write a pretty accurate script for the music. Some experiments were then conducted to find the right speed that would produce the most pleasing results. Please remember that the most important factors in reproducing the healing effect of the Psalms is merely the correct notes in the right sequence. Finding the most pleasing melodic speed is only important in relating to the listener. The earlier CD ("The Classic") emphasized more of the note/sequence elements. The following CD ("Days of Majesty"), in addition to the correct sequence and frequency is much more melodic and has more sophisticated music. Both CD's, however, are designed to achieve the same healing effect believed to be produced by reading the Psalms in Hebrew.

Q. Why were certain instruments such as the violin used?

A. In order to preserve the authenticity of the time the original text was written, the musicians referred to descriptions found within the Biblical text to guide the creative process. For example, when they encountered references in the Psalms to violins, psaltery (similar to a harp) and other stringed instruments, the musicians used these or similar instruments in the appropriate song. In other words, they used instruments that most closely fit the period and specifically, the Psalms.

Q. Is MFG the same as Hebrew accents used to regulate the chanting of Biblical texts in the synagogue?

A. No, there is no connection between the two. Accents were created to help in reading the Biblical text correctly. The music found in the text is hidden and the only way to uncover it is by translating the Hebrew letters to musical notes according to a specific method.

Q. Can MFG be found in translations of the Bible from Hebrew to other languages?

A. Music and other encrypted information in the original Hebrew text of the Bible are all lost in translations. Furthermore, since we do not fully understand the reason and effect of the combinations and sequence of frequencies (notes), it is impossible to duplicate the effect in other languages.

Q. Is the method related to each word, syllable or Hebrew letter?

A. Each musical note represents a Hebrew letter in the original text of the Bible. Letters, words and sentences ultimately create the melodies.

Q. Does the formula work on any text? A book, newspaper or the telephone book?

A. Any Hebrew text can be translated into sequences of notes. However, according to ancient Hebrew tradition only in the original text of the Bible can a meaningful pre-selected combination of frequencies be found. For example: Psalms are believed to produce a healing effect. The effect is delivered through sound waves when Psalms are read. The specific sequence and combination of letters are unique to the Psalms and were designed to produce a healing effect.

Other Hebrew texts, with arbitrary sequences of letters, would not be expected to produce similar results.

Q. How was the method confirmed?

A. The method was determined after a long period of tests and experiments. It produces melodic music and conforms to ancient Hebrew traditions about music in the text of the Bible. This method was confirmed by specific Biblical verses that are dealing with issues of music as well as by Gematria (mathematical values in the Hebrew text).

In addition, there was a discovery of unexpected symbols imbedded in the sound tracks of certain words. For example: when played on a computer, the sound track of the word "Hallelujah" produced on the screen a series of "Star of David" symbols. This unusual phenomenon could be seen as another confirmation that this specific combination must have a special meaning.

Another confirmation comes from testimonials of people who experienced the effects of MFG, and felt compelled to share their stories with others.

One could say that the method of converting the Hebrew letters to musical notes has a "three way confirmation": Logical, Scientific and divine. Logically this method is the shortest, simplest and emulates the way the story is told in the Hebrew text of the Bible. Scientifically it follows what we know about the construction of the human brain and what makes it respond in particular ways. It also follows the techniques and logic of hidden information in the text which was divinely encrypted in the text by means of mathematical or numerical values, codes or advanced textual organization.

How can one learn more about the Logical, Scientific and Divine sides of the music? Music from God, Inc. will continuously search for information, articles and related research. We will make this archive available to our subscribers through our website and free newsletter updates and information.

Q. How does the MFG affect people?

A. There are many anecdotal testimonies of healing, effortless relaxation, and easier concentration. Reactions range from babies sleeping more soundly, to a calming effect on children's behavior, to adults and older people who report a profound spiritual experience. More research is needed to confirm these reports, but it is clear that people are being affected in a meaningful way when they listen repeatedly to MFG.

Q. Is the entire Hebrew text of the Bible Healing?

A. Tradition points to the Psalms as having a healing effect. Other parts of the Bible may be constructed in different ways. The Music from God project began by translating selections from Psalms to musical notes. Other parts of the Hebrew Bible will be translated in the future. It is logical to assume that the story about the fall of the walls of Jericho would produce a different effect on the listener than that of Psalm 23 or the "Song of Songs". Since no one understands at this time the exact connection between the Biblical stories and the effects they may produce, this research should proceed with caution.

Q. Is Music from God strictly for Jewish people or people who know Hebrew?

A: No, Music from God is for anyone who is interested in the Bible and who wants to explore its deeper meaning. It is especially effective for people who do not have access to the original text of the Bible through understanding of the Hebrew language. The effect of the music is universal. One does not need to know Hebrew to receive the full benefit of the music.

Q. Who started the MFG project and why?

A. Uri Harel   , an educator fascinated by the original Hebrew text of the Bible, wanted to explore the possibility that the text could be expressed through music, and thus reach more people, especially those who don't understand Hebrew. Relying on Hebrew tradition that says there are seventy layers of meaning within the Bible, Harel dedicated eight years of research to finding the key to unlock the music encoded within the text. His vision was to provide an opportunity for people to gain a deeper appreciation of the Bible and offer a medium where people can search for a personal healing or a soothing experience by listening to the music. Harel's ongoing goal is to encourage scientific research to explain the phenomenon, as well as study feedback received from listeners of MFG to help apply the healing properties of the music in more accurate ways. The hope is to create enough interest and momentum in this endeavor to bring about the translation of the entire Biblical text to music.

Q. Where can I purchase Music from God?

A. Music from God can be view at the website www.MusicFromGod.com. Please go to Hebrew World to place any orders.