The Music from God project is the culmination of eight years of painstaking research that began with the vision of its founder, Uri Harel   .

Intrigued by traditional Hebrew teachings about multiple layers of meaning in the text of the Bible, Harel began his experiment at the Center for Biblical Hebrew in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. Harel, Founder and Director of the Center, spent countless hours tapping on a simple keyboard to find a formula that would unlock the musical patterns he knew were there. These early experiments yielded a definitive conclusion! There is beautiful music encrypted in the ancient Hebrew text of the Bible.

Music From God Yields Benefits to Listeners

People of all backgrounds and religious beliefs overwhelmingly welcomed Harel's first Music from God CD, offered in a limited release in 1998. Many listeners reported the music had a profound healing effect on them, and offered their unsolicited testimonials. Both long-standing Jewish tradition and universal human experience affirm the mental and psychological benefits of the biblical Psalms. As Harel points out, "We don't understand the exact process of how or why this is taking place, and it will take more scientific research to explain the phenomenon. But, that does not prohibit us from enjoying or using the music for our benefit right now."

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